About me

While my classical training and PhD are in Applied Mathematics, I’ve always had a passion for smartphones and mobile technology. In 2015, I started regularly posting videos on my YouTube channel, primarily covering smartphone accessory reviews.

This quickly evolved into making full in-depth reviews of new smartphone hardware. As my channel grew, I realized that Samsung phones bring me the most joy due to their insane level of customization.


I now spend my time making videos on all the latest Samsung updates, tips and tricks, and hardware. My channel also occasionally takes on comparisons between Samsung flagships and those from Apple, Google, and OnePlus.

When I’m not teaching mathematics or making smartphone content, you can find me relaxing with my wife or playing with my three-year-old son. I live in Phoenix, AZ- so you’ll usually find me doing these things indoors from April through October. I also enjoy collecting rare fountain pens and Pokémon cards.